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5 Reasons to Join a Wine Tasting


7 Tips for “How to” Attend it

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Imagine swirling some of the best wine in your glass as you look over a tranquil vineyard. Whether you wish to flex your wine knowledge or meet new people, wine tasting are a great thing to put on your bucket list. Continue reading to learn why more and more people ask about my wine tasting event.

1. Discover Good Wine & Opportunity to try something new.

Typically, if you want to try a new wine you have to go to the store and purchase an entire bottle. Unfortunately, if you find that it isn’t quite to your liking, you are stuck with it. A wine tasting lets you sample different types of wine without having to commit to the purchase of an entire bottle. If you like what you sample, you can buy a bottle. If you don’t care for it, you just move on to the next one.

My wine tasting events feature six varieties made from grapes grown in Italy from small producers. If you have ever been unsure what wine to get at the restaurant or supermarket, a wine tasting can help you determine what flavors you prefer. Most wine tasting events offer bottles for sale if you fall in love with a certain wine. My best advice is to keep an open mind.

It’s not uncommon for my guests to walk into a wine tasting thinking that they only like certain wines. We encourage our guests to try all our varieties of wine so they can compare flavors. As the wine rolls over your tongue, try to think of flavor in terms of acidity, bitterness, fruitiness, and sweetness.  Being open minded can help you find a new favorite wine you didn’t expect.

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2. Meet New People

Many of my guests appreciate the opportunity to meet people with similar interests. We’ve even seen professionals use wine tastings as networking opportunities. One of the benefits of attending wine tasting events is that you are able to enjoy fine wines without getting intoxicated (as long as you spit).

I pride myself on welcoming beginners and experts. The inclusivity at my wine tastings events are perfect for meeting new people you might not have otherwise had the chance to meet. Wine tours can be a lot of fun because they allow you to explore different flavors without the commitment of buying a bottle.

3. Gain a better understanding and appreciation for different wines

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to wine. If you want a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a great wine, a wine tasting is the perfect place to start. Learn about the origins of the wines, the regions, and the history of the grapes. Gain a better understanding of dry versus white, tannins, the difference between red wine and white wine, and a whole lot more. You may not walk away an aficionado, but you will at least have a deeper appreciation of the wine you love and those you have yet to discover.

4. You can add a great wine to your collection.

Sometimes you can just want to find a great wine for your collection, and a wine tasting is the perfect place to discover fine wines to add. Stick with your own wine preferences or venture out into undiscovered territory and pick up something new. Display it in your home or debut it in the company of special guests. Of course, you can always just keep it all for yourself or save it for a special occasion.

5. Learn Food and Wine Pairings

While food and wine pairings aren’t an exact science, I try my best to give you an easy guideline and some tips. For example, a big soft red wine goes well with red meat, chicken, and pasta.

If you fall in love with a wine, be sure to ask what foods you can pair with it. That way, the next time you order a bottle of wine at a restaurant, you can feel confident knowing that you chose a delicious complement to your meal.

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7 Tips for “How to Attend a Wine Tasting”

How to make the most of any walk-around event where you can sample dozens (or hundreds!) of wines

As a wine lover, going to a wine tasting is one of the most exciting things you can do. But if you’re new to these events, they might seem overwhelming, and even a little intimidating.

1. Dress for the event

Dress in dark colors (the better to hide spills), avoid dangling sleeves (so you don’t cause spills) and consider the venue to suss out the appropriate dress code. Women should consider wearing flats or low heels for comfort. If you have long hair, tie it back so you can spit easily (see tip No. 5) or keep a hand free to hold it back. And if you’re going to carry anything (tasting book, notebook, smartphone or tablet), bring a purse or have deep pockets to stash it. Carrying a wineglass around means you’ll only have one hand free for holding a plate of food, shaking hands with winemakers and taking notes.

2. Don’t wear fragrance

Smell is a huge part of tasting. It’s impossible to appreciate all the aromas of a delicate fruity white wine or a layered red wine when the air is heavy with perfume, cologne or smoke, so be mindful not to introduce any unwanted aromatics to the tasting area. You don’t want to miss out on the nuances of the very wines you’re trying to enjoy. And you don’t want to be the answer to, “What’s that smell?”

3. Come up with a plan for tasting

At most tastings, there will be more wines than you can sensibly try in just a few hours. If you can get a list of the producers or wines at the tasting ahead of time, come prepared with a game plan.

A basic plan involves browsing your way through the aisles, working from light wines to heavier ones: Start with sparkling wines, then fresh whites and move on to richer whites and tannic reds. But you can get a lot more focused with it: A survey of the wines of Italy? All up to you.

4. Eat something

Tasting wines (and maybe drinking some too) on an empty stomach is a recipe for getting drunk quickly and not being able to enjoy the rest of the event. Remember to eat beforehand, and if there’s food offered at the tasting, take a break to eat there too. Drinking water in between wines helps to stay hydrated.

5. Remember to spit (at least most of the time)

Yes, you’ll be tasting good wines, and yes, no one likes to “waste” wine, but those tasting-size pours really add up—and quickly at that. To get the full experience of the event, you’ll want to pace yourself by spitting wine as you go. That’s why there are buckets on every table. Unglamorous maybe, but take heart—all the pros do it.

6. Take notes

You may swear you’ll remember the name of that fantastic red from Italy, but even if you’re spitting consistently, a couple dozen wines and a day later, you’ll be struggling to recall whether you preferred the Chianti or the Amarone at the booth next to it. If you’re using the tasting as a scouting trip for bottles you want to buy, remember to bring something to write with so you can take notes, or use your phone’s camera to document the wines you liked. Not sure how to describe what you’re tasting? 

7. Have fun

Some people get very serious when they’re tasting wines, but remember it’s OK to smile and have a good time too. You’re tasting wine, not attending a tax seminar, and you will not be quizzed at the exit doors.

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