Exclusive Producers – Part 1

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Hey, I went to look for something magic, just to offer you an experience even more incredible.

Have you ever heard about these producers?

Tenuta Ambrosini

In the heart of Franciacorta, where the borders of the lake meet and merge with those of the hills, magnificently exposed to the sun and crisp air, lies the municipality of Cazzago S. Martino, one of the nineteen municipalities that make up the geographical area of election, protected for the production of Franciacorta. Here the Ambrosini family has dedicated themselves with passion, since the mid-twentieth century, to the cultivation of ten hectares of vineyards, destined for the Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir vines. This is how the producers define their philosophy business: enhancing the superb local wines. The Ambrosini family has added the agritourism business to the wine-growing business, offering traditional cuisine from the Franciacorta area.

Le Masciare

We have a dream: sustainable viticulture to reinvent the territory and the great native Irpinia vines. A project spanning generations, for wines that do not fear the test of time.

From Northern Europe and Italy, two families passionate about wine and this wonderful area work the land and make good wine. We have converted all our vineyards and the olive grove to organic farming, with a circular economy project that revolves around the well-being of our farm and the products we make.

I Clivi


“My idea was to let the story speak through the wine, making it as “transparent” as possible, without interference. A truly cultivated wine.”

Ferdinando Zanusso

The wines of I Clivi originate from ancient native vines, whose roots sink deep into a borderland, with an austere yet jovial character. A work of art, to be such, must possess a requisite of irreproducibility. In our wines this unique and recognizable character is ensured by the over 70 year old vines. There is richness in plurality, there is complexity of aromas and scents when the vine interacts with the surrounding environment, there is respect for the environment in biodiversity. Every work in the vineyard, from mowing the grass to the more symbolic one of the harvest, is done by hand. This is how our production becomes unequivocally artisanal. Healthier, cheaper and ultimately more “traditional”. Put in these terms, the organic method is not even an alternative, but the only possible method for us.

Salvatore Tamburello

The company, covering a total of about 24 hectares, is located in western Sicily exactly in Poggioreale in the province of Trapani at 200 meters above sea level, where we grow, in addition to the Nero d’Avola, Grillo, Catarratto and Trebbiano grapes, also Nocellara del Belice olive groves.

It has been handed down for five generations but we have been making wine since the 2014 harvest and we have been on the bottled wine market since November 2015; it has been subjected and certified to organic production since 2010 and has obtained the “Qualità Sicura Sicilia” seal.

We produce high quality Organic Wines, from native Sicilian vines, exclusively from grapes produced in our own vineyards, thus guaranteeing the highest quality level in the vineyard, being certain that great wines are born from the best grapes; manual harvest, vinification in the traditional way, aging in steel and then in the bottle.

Our organic wines are produced without the addition of Gum Arabic.

The names of the wines represent the number of the cadastral parcel on which the vineyard stands

We essentially bottle the fruits of the vineyard

La Maliosa

Fattoria La Maliosa is a farm that covers about 160 hectares in the Maremma hills. Vineyards, olive groves, arable land and woods for an artisanal production of natural wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey. The company has been certified organic since 2010 as evidence of a constant commitment over time and for ever greater transparency towards the customer who chooses with awareness. La Maliosa is a project based on the choice of quality, beauty and environmental wholesomeness in respect of the territory and its originality.

Cantine di Calasetta

Since 1932 guardians of Carignano del Sulcis.

A single territory, two terroir.

The vineyards of our conferring members, about 120 hectares, are nestled in the gentle hills of Sulcis, in the extreme south-western part of Sardinia. A part of our vineyards are cultivated on the sandy soils typical of the island of Sant’Antioco. The strong presence of sand allows us to grow the vine ungrafted, i.e. with its original roots, without resorting to American vine rootstock. This assures us a unique organoleptic heritage to the grapes and determines the ideal condition for the vineyards to give excellent production even in very old age. In the neighboring area of Basso Sulcis the vineyards are cultivated on clayey calcareous soils, very close to the sea and continuously exposed to winds.

Tanteun & Marietta (Taema)

The Cellar was born with the dream of bringing back to the center of the city of Aosta, inside the historic premises of the ancient Mulino della Ressaz, the noises, scents and emotions deriving from the transformation of an agricultural production. “Tanteun and Marietta” are our great-grandparents, our roots. It is thanks to their life’s work and their stubbornness that today we have the opportunity to take our first steps into the great and wonderful world of wine. Tanteun has bequeathed us the space in which the cellar is located, where with foresight he has kept the ancient mill hidden and protected. Marietta passed on her passion for wine and vine cultivation to us, making our father Emir promise to replant her vineyard in Champagnole from which it all began.

Since 2012 we have been cultivating two hectares of old vineyards and transforming the grapes into 10,000 bottles of D.O.C. wine.

Coming Soon: Exclusive Producers – Part 2

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